tournamentcenter becomes Fanfinity!

Welcome to our new website! If you have been around for a while, you might be wondering: Where is tournamencenter? What about the iconic blue-on-white TC logo? Don’t worry, we are still here – just with a fresh new look and a little name change!

I liked tournamentcenter, why change?

After ten years of amazing events and experiences with our community, we felt an update was necessary. We have hosted many fantastic tournaments and evolved to do even more. Most importantly, we want to cement our focus on our communities and communicate this accordingly.

So, what changed?

With a different name and look but the same people and passion for gaming culture, we aim to double down on what has been our strength all along: Our communities.
This means that, as Fanfinity, our focus will be on those communities more than ever.
Our goal: Lowering barriers to make gaming accessible and inclusive to all individuals.

What’s next?

Many awesome community events! Connect with us on our newly renamed Discord channel – come say ‘Hi,’ share your experience with us, make suggestions for future events, or simply send us a meme to make our day! You can also find all upcoming events here

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