Ultimate Guard – EMS – Season 2 is here

Ultimate Guard - European Magic Series Season 2 is here!

We are excited to announce that the RCQ kit sales for Season 2 are now live!


We are excited to announce that RCQ kit sales for Season 2 will go live on Monday, 24th June, at 4 pm CEST.

If your store participated in Season 1, there’s no need for them to register again on the site, the Season 1 login still works perfectly.

Is your store new to the RCQs? No problem!
We’ve got a guide to help them register on our platform and they will receive an email to sign up / check in on the store today.

Each kit will support 32 players and includes:

  • 32 non-foil Sleight of Hand participation promos
  • 16 non-foil Supreme Verdict cards for the Top 16
  • A foil Supreme Verdict for the winner
  • An invite to the Season 2 Regional Championship

In addition, stores can also opt to add a package of Pinfinity Pins to hand out to the Top-8 players.

EMEA PTI 24 (7)

Please note: Stores will need one RCQ kit per event they run.

The format for Season 2 RCQs will be Limited or Modern, with a minimum of 8 players required for validation.


Regional Championship Season 2

We are not quite ready to announce all information regarding the Regional Championship for Season 2 right now. We aim to share the date and location by the end of next week!


Stay informed of all our most recent updates by joining our Discord community!


Destination Qualifiers

We can confirm the following information on Season 2 Destination Qualifiers, with more to be confirmed and announced soon:

Lotus Vale – 16th, 17th and 18th August – Germany –  8 Slots

Mindstage – 31st August and 1st September – Sweden – 8 Slots

Axion Now – 7th and 8th September – UK –  4 Slots

Distrito Zero & Arcanis Project – 18th, 19th and 20th October – Spain –  8 Slots

More Destination Qualifiers coming soon!

Save the date for August 31st – September 1, we are cooking up something special for our MTG Community on this date so stay tuned!


Last season stores could purchase four kits which resulted in a shortage of kits in certain regions. To combat this, WPN stores can initially order up to three kits per season, each supporting one event.  If a store expects more than 32 players, they can purchase Add-on kits to increase participation prizes to 48 or even 64. 


Our team will be present at MagicCon with our Ultimate Guard European Magic Series booth, come by and chat with our team, play some games, participate in the raffle and win some cool prizes!

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