Ultimate Guard European Magic Series – Regional Championship Lille

EU Regionals Update

We’d like to start this update by thanking you all for your patience. We have received so many messages of encouragement since we announced we are running the RCs, as well as many questions on when and where the first one will be. Understandably so, but we wanted to wait to announce the venue and date when we were 100% sure we had the right venue for the event booked.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and we are incredibly excited to see you all in Lille, at the Grand Palais, on the weekend of 8-10 November 2024.

Lille is a venue close to our heart, where we have hosted many successful events in the past and one that we consider home. What better place to kick off the European Magic Series Regional Championships with?!

In the weeks and months to come, we will share with you the plans we have for side events and other fun activities we have in mind for that weekend. We are in touch with several vendors and partners, so we will start announcing them, as soon as we finalize those agreements.

More info on Friday- Sunday side events and more will come as we get closer to the event.

Our next update will be an event locator for the RCQs.

To participate in the Regional Championships, you need to qualify and we’ve had an amazing response from WPN stores. We are keen on sharing where the RCQs will be taking place and are planning on having that ready for you! This update will come sometime in April.

We are also planning on announcing Destination Qualifiers very soon.

We are working with several tournament organizers and are excited to share that information with you and invite you to their events!

Another important call to arms will be that for our wonderful judging team! We have our core team locked in, but we are keen on getting more of you there, so please leave your email address here and our staffing team will reach out to you as we make our staff selections.

We here at Fanfinity would like to thank you again, for making our return to the Magic: the Gathering scene so special and exciting. We cannot wait to see you all in Lille, November 8th-10th!

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The European Magic Series is the name of the upcoming Regional Championship event series in the EMEA region. These Regional Championships are the gateway for competitive Magic: The Gathering players into the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour and World Championships.

The first upcoming European Regional Championship will take place in Lille at the Grand Palais on the weekend of 8-10 November 2024.

There will be 3 EMS Regional Championships each year.
We will work with other large MTG tournament organizers to work on Destination Qualifiers that will offer several qualification slots.

Our update with more news will come soon, the event locator will launch in April. Stay tuned

The Regional Championship will be free of charge for players who have won an invite. Players can win invites from winning a Regional Championship Qualifier (hosted by a WPN store), from Destination Qualifiers and Last Chance Qualifiers. Winners are only able to use their invites at the Regional Championship corresponding with the qualifying season.

You are allowed to trade cards with your friends and other players.

Buying and selling are only allowed with/by the official vendors that are present at the event. If you are found buying and/or selling to someone that is not an official vendor, you will be removed from the tournament hall.

Please fill out this form. Our staffing team will reach out to you and you’ll receive a Discord invite to our tournamentcenter Staff Community Discord where further steps will be shared.

Local rules and regulations apply, but players must be 13 years or older, or have written parental permission to participate in our events.

We expect our Regional Championships to feel similar to the previous Regional Championships you’ve participated in before.

At its heart will be the Regional Championship Main Event, with side events, vendors, and Commander play surrounding it. The size and scope of these extra activities will depend on the event hall and available space, this will vary. We will announce further details when the Regional Championship will be fully announced.

We will comply with applicable local laws and regulations.
Please reach out to our Customer Support team if you have any specific questions or requests.

We always welcome feedback! Please send any feedback or questions you may have via email: magic@tournamentcenter.gg

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